Button Bugs!

button bugs

My 10 year old daughter, and my 8 year old niece were in a crafty kind of mood, so I suggested… button art. Obviously. They were pretty darn excited! This was going to be a bit different than our usual button art, though, because I snagged these sweet kits from my fave button people of all time: ButtonLovers.com!

photo 1

I was super excited to have the girls test these out! And they didn’t mind me taking photos of their process, because I told them they would basically be famous… heh heh heh.

So follow along with us, I can’t wait to show you their final pieces (which I think are even better than the package photos hehe, proud Mom/Auntie over here!)

photo 2

Okay, so each kit comes with everything you need, except for some plain old crafty glue. These kits use buttons AND beads which is kind of fun, and if you want to make sure the background isn’t peeking through, it’s a lot easier than just layering buttons like I do, though it creates a different kind of look.

These kits come with SUPER SIMPLE instructions, which I absolutely love.

photo 4

Ohhhh they sure had fun!!!

photo 1

So much fun. Look at them go! Gluing their first layer of buttons. I should mention that I didn’t help them with these- they just went with it. Seriously- I was just sitting with them, taking photos and snapchatting such masterpieces as this:


ANYWAYS, back to the reason for the season:

photo 2

Look at them intently filling in the spaces with beads!! That butterfly gets bonus points for actually being symmetrical! She was like ‘Mom… the butterfly on the package is WRONG!” Ha Ha! She is passionate about animal sciences!

Okay, and after an hour, they were done! An hour was a good amount of time for these gals, but might make for a few sittings or some assistance if you were working with little kiddos.

photo 4

Voila!!! Well done, ladies, and Thanks again ButtonLovers.com for creating such awesome kits!

butterfly mercie pic

You can get these yourselves over at Joann.com! Here is a link for the Ladybug, and one for the Butterfly.

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Happy Buttoning 😀


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4 Responses to Button Bugs!

  1. Lala Rukh says:

    I seriously love the art done by these beautiful angels 🙂 You are blessed !

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are SO CUTE!! And the girls are adorable! Well done!

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