Over the [Button] Rainbow

Happy Monday! Make a button rainbow!

Busted Button

I’ve been seeing a lot of rainbow-inspired button art kicking around on Pinterest lately, and I thought I’d make my own.


I included my fave crafty sidekick a.k.a. Kid #1. She is the best.

Step 1: Put on your Christmas PJ’s  and draw the outline of a rainbow. I traced a bunch of different sized lids to make it perfect. Kid #1 just wung it. (Or would that be “winged it” or “wang it”?)

Step 2: Color in the rainbow:

OMG. Mine is SO much better…

Step 3: Buttons+glue=me+you= Love, do you hear me? See, I do remember Math 10.

Step 4: You can add clouds, or you can write “Mercie” in swirly, pink letters. Either-or, really 😉

Step 5: Frame without the glass- ISN’T THAT CUTE???

This piece of artwork would be perfect to brighten up that little spot in your hallway that needs a ray of sunshine. Or…

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