Rainbow Night Button Tree Autism Fundraiser

I created this button tree 2 months ago, and it has since been one of my more popular pieces, even though I have only been able to make 2, and wont be creating another until spring 2015, so I thought in the Christmas spirit, it is only right to auction one off as a fundraiser for an organization that is very close to my heart.

This fundraiser will take place during The Northern Collective‘s December sale- and apart from my listings, there will also be a dozen other crafty mamas who are selling very cool and unique handmade goodies, (not related to my fundraiser, but very awesome gift ideas nonetheless!)  so be sure to check out the whole sale here.

I will also have some autism awareness jewelry and some art cards, which were designed by young artists who are on the autism spectrum which will be available during this fundraiser! Read on for details, please!


Click Photo For Auction Listing

I will be auctioning off a Rainbow Night button tree painting tomorrow (Tuesday, December 2nd) at 6PM PST for 24 hours. 100% of proceeds will support Mosaic Learning Society, who supports children and youth on the autism spectrum.

This cause is close to my heart, as I have two sons on the autism spectrum, including my lovely 9 year old non-verbal boy, who is heavily supported by the loving people at Mosaic!

Check out some of the other fundraising items I will have for sale from Tuesday until Friday until supplies last:


Click Photo for Listing

I made 12 of these leather puzzle piece bracelets to raise funds and awareness for Autism services, and would be so blessed if you would purchase one for yourself or a friend who loves a person with Autism 🙂

Now I am REALLY excited about this next item:


Click Photo for Listing

These awesome art cards were designed by the amazing students from Mosaic Learning Society, who supports children and youth on the autism spectrum.

Each pack of cards contains 11 different designs (!!! that works out to only $1.60 per card!!!), and is printed with the artist’s name on the back. 100% of proceeds will support Mosaic!


Mosaic Learning Society Victoria offers educational, social, and fine arts programs for children and youth on the autism spectrum.  Created by families for families, they provide innovative programs in adaptive environments to foster growth and confidence in all of the children they support.

And my final listing for this fundraiser are these:


Click Photo for Listing

I made a handful of these puzzle piece earrings with surgical steel, hypoallergenic hooks, because I care about your pretty little ears.

Thanks in advance for all your support! Again- 100% of the proceeds from my entire sale will support Mosaic, so please share this event and participate if you can! I will ship everything out before the Canada and U.S. Christmas post deadline (as per Canada Post) though I probably shouldn’t guarantee that they will get their in time! (Canada Post does though so there is a very good chance you can use these as Christmas presents and stocking stuffers!)

From the bottom of my heart I, and the other families who benefit from such vital autism support and services appreciate your support!

Set an alarm for the date and time of this sale- Tuesday, December 2 at 6PM PST- the painting auction will only last 24 hours, and the rest of my listings will be up until Friday night!

Thanks to the amazing Norther Collective for allowing me to host this fundraiser during their sale!


~Dot 🙂

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  2. Roberta says:

    Great ideas for a fundraiser, hope yours was successful! I want to share this on Pinterest

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