Wooly Topic

Wooly Topic is one of my favourite crafters! Read a bit about her, and check out the Crafty Bastards- because I am also going to be taking part in a giveaway with them soon 😀 So if you wanna win yourself one of my button elephants, make sure you are following them on Facebook 🙂 Happy Monday!

First up in our string of sponsors of free goodies is the lovely Alynn from Wooly Topic. One of the best parts of handmade from small or individually run businesses is being able to get a little peek into the person who makes these creations we’ve grown to love.  After chatting with Alynn a bit, I’ve learned that she is a very sweet person with a spicy side and a great passion for wool.


Alynn loves wool in a weird way that only another wool lover could appreciate. She’s actually been known to take her wool on vacation with her, like, to the Bahamas.  While everyone else is lounging by the pool with a daiquiri in their hands, you’ll likely find Alynn sitting in chair making those stabling noises with her felting needle.  Have you ever tried to watch tv or do a quiet activity next to a felter?  Well…

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